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Cadet College Petaro Info

History: Cadet College Petaro is the largest and second oldest cadet college of Pakistan. Initially in 1957 it was located in Mirpurkas but it later in 1959 it was shifted to its current location at Petaro.

Location: Cadet College Petaro is a boarding institution, located at Petaro over an area 700 acres of campus. It is approximately two kilometers from the right bank of the river Indus, 30 kilometers away from Hyderabad on Indus Highway (Jamshoro Dadu Road) and just two kilometers away from the Kotri Railway Station.

Administration and Financing: CCP is an autonomous institution which administered by a Board of Governors. The Commander Karachi, an Administrative Authority of Pakistan Navy, is ex-official Chairman of the Board. The Principal is of the rank of a Commodore and Secretary to the Board of Governors. He is responsible for the administration of the college in accordance with the rules laid down by the Board. However, the Government of Sindh is committed to provide the finances to the college for its smooth running.

Mission: The college is tasked to train young students of Class VII to Class XII including Pre-O leve to A level to be potential officers for the Pakistan Armed forces. Cadets, however, are free to join  a career of their own choice. Military training, character building, personality development, excellence in education and inculcation of leadership qualities are essential elements of the training scheme followed at college. The college has since acquired a unique position of prestige, producing a large number of cadets who, over the years, have passed out and made a name for themselves and their Alma Mater as responsible citizens and good professionals, be it in the Army, Navy, Air force, Police, Civil services, Medicines, Engineering, Law, Agriculture, Business, Politics or any other profession that they chose to pursue. The college has thus contributed in providing quality education for the multi-dimensional personality development of the students. Our promising cadets have excelled in all fields of practical life at the national level in general and in Sindh, in particular.                                                                                                                                     

The Campus: The lay-out of facilities on the campus is functional and according to the best principles of town planning. The staff residences are clustered towards one end which is quite an expanse because all the staff and their families live on the campus. The seven cadet houses, their mess, the stadium and the swimming pool are all located around a large rectangular grassy field. This forms a picturesque hub of cadets living activities. The mosque and the commercial area center are flanked by the staff residences on one side and cadets living areas on the other, thus being easily accessible on both sides. The Sick-bay situated at one corner, provides easy access to the cadets and a private approach for the colony residents. Next to the swimming pool are the playing fields, riding club, the shooting range and the area reserved for gymnastics and the ISSB Village. The salient feature of the campus, however, is the college building which houses the offices, the auditorium, classrooms and the well-equipped Physics,Chemistry, Biology, English Language, Computer, ICT and General Science Laboratories.                                                                                             

Medical Facilities: As already mentioned, there is a sick bay looked after by a qualified doctor and competent staff. In addition to the general treatment given to the cadets, preliminary vaccines against Typhoid, Cholera, Tetanus, Hepatitis-B are given. As and when required, cadets are referred to specialist according to their requirements. (Medical, Eye, ENT, Surgical Specialists and Dental Surgeon of the CMH Hyderabad and Liaquat Medical University of Health and Sciences Hospital at Jamshoro or Hyderabad). The expenses for such consultation / treatment are borne by parents and debited to their sons accounts.

Recreation: (i)  Besides sports, games hobbies and co-curricular activities, the cadets have been provided with TV, computer, indoor games gears and libraries in the hostels for leisure hours occupation. There is also a Recreation Club, which arranges screening of English Movies on week ends.(ii) Excursion trips hiking, variety programs, dramas and many other activities are also organized.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Services Representation: (i) The Pakistan Navy has provided the college with the Military Staff required for parade, Military, Physical and Leadership Training. The team is head by an Adjutant and comprises Chief Petty Officers and Petty Officers/ Sailors specialized in various disciplines.  (ii) The Military Staff, through a chain of command of the cadets, is responsible for maintaining discipline. The highest appointment of the college is Chief Cadet Captain, who is selected from amongst the senior most cadets (Class XII) on the basis of overall best performance in various fields. There is a cadet Captain for each house with senior leading cadets and click cadets under them. Their respective duties and sphere of responsibilities are envisaged in the college standing orders.                                          iii)   An ex. Defedar of President ‘s Body Guard has been employed as Instructor to train the cadets in horse riding/tent pegging.                                                                                                                                                               

Hostels: (i) There are eight hostels at the campus. These are called houses, named after the great personalities of national and regional importance, i.e. Jinnah House, Liaquat House, Ayub House, Latif House, Iqbal House, Muhammad Bin Qasim House, Shahbaz House and Sachal House. Each house accommodates around 110 cadets. (ii) A HouseMaster assisted by two Assistant House Masters manages each house as per college rules and regulations. This team is responsible to prepare the cadets for Inter HouseCompetitions in all the three dimensions, i.e. Academic, Sports and Co-curricular Activities for the General Championship Trophy. (iii) With a view a train young cadets to shoulder responsibilities and to exercise authority, the college has advised a system of Cadet Appointments. Each house has a Cadet Captain, a Senior Leading Cadet, Two Leading Cadets, Two Junior Leading Cadets and two Click Cadets, while the Chairman Honour Committee and the Chief Cadet Captain are the College Appointments.

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Summarized Facts About Petaro

MottoA Petaro Cadet Does Not Cheat, Lie Or Steal
OpenedAugust 1957 at Mirpurkhas
August 1959 at Petaro
PrincipalCdre. Mehboob Ellahi Malik, PN
AdjutantMajor Umar Farooq, Pak Army
Areaover 700 acres

Red, navy blue and sky blue

25.540956°N 68.325643°E

Houses Detail

Cadet College Petaro 52th Parents Day Part 1

Cadet College Petaro 52th Parents Day video (Part 1)

Program Details:

Chief guest : Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah
Commandant Principal of the College : Commodore Muhammad Afzal

Video: Cadet College Petaro 52th Parents Day


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